Railway Creek Farm is a small ecological and regenerative farm on the south edge of the Canadian Shield in Hastings County, Ontario. Elly, that’s me, has found a need for local garlic in the area and has been populating gardens all over the county and beyond for over 15 years. I have been growing a Market Garden since 1994, and recently have focussed more on just growing and sharing garlic. I strongly believe in doing one thing right and by putting all my energy into one crop, I can focus 100% on quality of garlic, the long term viability of the land and a sustainable income for my family. Regenerative gardening has been implented in the garlic plots for several years and has been a very important component to caring for this borrowed land I have priveledge to kindly use. I offer 3 varieties of garlic with several strains in each. Go to the Catalogue to find out what is available to purchase for planting or eating. Some things to remember, Orders will be taken after September 1st and maximum orders of 4 pounds if shipping. If you dont want to run out of Ontario Garlic for cooking, I strongly suggest you order enough for the winter. Approximately 4 to 5 pounds for a family of 4 if you really really like garlic. (some customers make an annual purchase of 15 pounds!) ** You dont want to be forced to buy imported garlic!