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Your local On-Line Market Garden

If you are a resident of Hastings County Ontario and you are seeking fresh, naturally raised and local veggies, then you found the right place.

Available now are Microgreens! What are they? Microgreens are small, leafy vegetables that are harvested during the earlier stages of the plant’s growing cycle. Specifically, microgreens they are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves develop and prior to the formation of the true leaves. They are tiny packages of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential to your wellbeing.

Who are we?  We operate a small ecological, regenerative and bio-diverse market garden in Central Hastings, ON. We grow vegetables during the summer and microgreens during the winter months.

RCF grows healthy toxic free veggies on land that is the least disturbed to preserve natural soil biology. We believe in employing minimum tillage, utilizing cover cropping and homemade compost. We do this to optimize the quality and nutrient value of our veggies that we are offering to you, the home cook. 

Feed the Soil, Feed the People.

RCF-Veggiemarket is a bi-weekly on-line store that offers you the freedom to choose any item. Instead of receiving a pre-chosen bag of produce as you would in a traditional CSA, you decide when and how often you want to shop and what you want to buy. Our produce are availabe online for preorders and there are several pick up points around the Madoc Area.

Currently are there are drop off points every second Friday: Railway Creek Farm, Kirkland Heritage Farm, Unconventional Moose Gift Store (Kiwanis Pavillion parking lot suspended until further notice).

Microgreens are offered during the winter and garden veggies are available in the summer.


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